Ommer Flooring

Perfect flooring for commercial use!

Sustainable and green
High-quality, recycled material
Personal, innovative and creative

Ommer Flooring has delivered and installed unique pvc flooring for companies and institutions for almost 20 years. Liquid proof, hardwearing and sustainable. Ommer Flooring is managed by Wilhelm and Marinka Kortstee from Luttenberg (the Netherlands). The qualified and experienced professionals of Ommer Flooring have a no-nonsense mentality, they are creative and glad to be of service in order to create the perfect floor. They will install flooring that will fit your needs perfectly with a minimal downtime, which means ongoing production during laying.

Liquid proof flooring

Liquid proof flooring from Ommer Flooring is non skid and safe. Perfect for companies like hotels and restaurants. Our liquid proof flooring is multifunctional and guarantees an elegant, safe and above all hardwearing floor finish. Liquid proof flooring from Ommer Flooring is above all suitable as hospitality and kitchen flooring, but also as garage flooring, fitness flooring, shop flooring, warehouse flooring, office flooring, barn flooring, school flooring, industrial flooring, sauna flooring, bakery flooring, dance flooring and flooring for the food industry, beverage industry and the gym.

Hospitality and kitchen flooring

Hospitality and kitchen flooring has to be stylish and inviting, but also safe, easy to clean and really sustainable. Liquid proof flooring from Ommer Flooring is not only highly resistant to falling drinks and glasses, sliding furniture or dancing people, but the floor will also look good for years to come. Our liquid proof floor is incredibly strong and extremely hardwearing. Therefore the flooring is very well able to withstand the continuous weight of for instance a bar or a billiards table. Hospitality and kitchen flooring from Ommer Bedrijfsvloeren guarantees an elegant, safe and above all hardwearing floor finish.  Liquid proof flooring from Ommer Flooring consists of high-quality recycled pvc tiles which can be installed on almost any subfloor. The 1 cm thick flooring will be attached to the existing subfloor with waterproof two component adhesive. Through thermal and chemical welding of the seams we guarantee a 100% liquid proof floor finish.  The tile size is 49 x 49 cm and the tiles are available in the colours black, anthracite and grey. By choosing a certain colour of the welding seam, the flooring can be adjusted to the interior which can result in surprising combinations. The welding seams are available in various colours, like red, blue, yellow, green, light grey, anthracite and black.  Of course, our liquid proof hospitality and kitchen flooring is non skid. In both dry and wet circumstances, your employees can work safely. Other characteristics are: a high degree of thermal and sound insulation, ergonomic, comfortable and also health and safety responsible. The liquid density also complies with all hygienic conditions from the HACCP (= Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points). Easy and fast cleaning and maintenance is guaranteed.

Sustainable and green

Cradle to cradle means sustainable designs and sustainable production methods. After the first use of a product it will be made suitable for reuse as raw material for another product. Ommer Flooring fully supports the cradle to cradle principle and therefore we don’t have any waste or scrap. Offcut waste that remains after installing the liquid proof floor will be taken back to reuse it for producing tiles. Sustainable and green.


Our products comply with the European REACH Regulation. REACH means Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and restriction of Chemicals. Our suppliers process only waste from European production companies. The plasticiser Dioctylftalaat (DOP) is included on the list of prohibited substances, registered under REACH, and they are prohibited from use in Europe. Therefore, all products from Ommer Flooring are DOP free.

Overview of all advantages

  • Strong
  • Sustainable
  • Liquid proof
  • Non-skid, even in wet circumstances
  • Sound absorbing
  • Heat insulating and feels warm
  • Resilient
  • Hardwearing
  • Environmentally friendly
  • 100% liquid proof
  • Hygienic (according to HACCP)
  • Fire retardant
  • Minimal downtime, ongoing production during laying.
  • Foot traffic immediately allowed
  • Easy maintenance
  • Resistant to chemicals
  • Non odour absorbing
  • Modern look
  • Available in various colours